Culture Defines Newsletter- Diwali Special

Greetings to all our Pupuke K​ā​hui Ako colleagues. This is the first of our “​Culture Defines​” newsletters. Each publication will highlight one of the many ethnic groups within our community so that we can learn more about each other and our ​ā​konga. This edition highlights our Indian community and it is timely that we do … Continue reading Culture Defines Newsletter- Diwali Special

Westlake Boys Languages Council

41 Westlake Boys High School students in Languages Council visited Milford Primary, Takapuna Primary and Takapuna Normal Intermediate schools on Thursday 22nd August, to help the younger learners celebrate diverse languages and cultures represented in our community of learning. Throughout the day, the council visited 56 classrooms, teaching a range of activities such as chopsticks … Continue reading Westlake Boys Languages Council

Milford Staff PD by Tamsin Hanly

As part of the Pupuke Kahui Ako's commitment to improving culturally responsive practices in our schools, Milford Primary School has undertaken a series of whole staff professional development. Critical histories of Aotearoa is a series of workshops led by Tamsin Hanly designed to educate teachers about the range of historic perspectives in New Zealand colonisation … Continue reading Milford Staff PD by Tamsin Hanly