Inside the Career – Episode Five: Engineering – student perspective (Kyle Shears and Andrew Wickens)

“With mechanical engineering, everything is very practical. A lot of what you learn can be very easily applied. Often lecturers will come up with a somewhat abstract theoretical idea and then they will bring in [an example of] where you may use that in the real world, whether that’s airplane wings or how internal combustion … Continue reading Inside the Career – Episode Five: Engineering – student perspective (Kyle Shears and Andrew Wickens)

Submit a Blog

Submit a blog post - If you or your staff have a story to share with our Pupuke community of inspirational within or across school initiatives, projects,  or presentations, please email us on so that we can upload it to our website. We would love to hear from you. Please use this format and … Continue reading Submit a Blog

Westlake Boys Languages Council

41 Westlake Boys High School students in Languages Council visited Milford Primary, Takapuna Primary and Takapuna Normal Intermediate schools on Thursday 22nd August, to help the younger learners celebrate diverse languages and cultures represented in our community of learning. Throughout the day, the council visited 56 classrooms, teaching a range of activities such as chopsticks … Continue reading Westlake Boys Languages Council

Milford Staff PD by Tamsin Hanly

As part of the Pupuke Kahui Ako's commitment to improving culturally responsive practices in our schools, Milford Primary School has undertaken a series of whole staff professional development. Critical histories of Aotearoa is a series of workshops led by Tamsin Hanly designed to educate teachers about the range of historic perspectives in New Zealand colonisation … Continue reading Milford Staff PD by Tamsin Hanly

WGHS STEAM – Year 10 Innovation Expo

We were very excited to run our first ever Innovation Expo here at WGHS with our STEAM students displaying their innovative prototype solutions to the community issue identified during their community project. The Innovation Expo was held on Friday 30 November with an open invitation for parents and whanau to attend. All groups were provided … Continue reading WGHS STEAM – Year 10 Innovation Expo

North Shore Intermediate Speech Competition

The 2018 North Shore Intermediate Speech Competition saw schools such as Northcote Intermediate, Murray’s Bay Intermediate, Northcross Intermediate, Takapuna Normal Intermediate School (TNIS) amongst others compete in this year’s competition. The categories in this year’s competition were Spoken Word Poetry, Rap, Flash Card Presentation and Speech. All of the presentations were of an excellent standard … Continue reading North Shore Intermediate Speech Competition

Language day at Milford Primary

Westlake Boys languages council visited Milford Primary School in the afternoon of 23rd August to help celebrate International Languages Week. It was the third visit which has been running for three consecutive years since 2016. 30 boys in Years 11 – 13 worked together to prepare 10 different cultural activities and language lessons for Year … Continue reading Language day at Milford Primary

STEAM in the classroom

Dr Michael Harvey is an ISTE global PLN chair, pedagogical prognosticator, Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert and is currently teaching at Marlborough International College, Malaysia. On his recent visit to New Zealand he organised a contemporary cross curricular lesson for two of our Pupuke Kāhui Ako schools. On Thursday 9th August, Year 10 STEAM students from WGHS … Continue reading STEAM in the classroom