Student Inquiries 2020

The Pupukle Kāhui Ako Student Action Teams were invited to share their ideas at Wairau Intermediate on 25th November.

It has been a pleasure to see the students driving so many great initiatives in their own schools, in a year that has been more than a little challenging. The progress they have made is impressive and a real testament to the students and their passion for what they have been involved in. 

The brief that was sent out to teachers leading the student inquiry teams and options were as follows:

  • Option 1 : Share a highlight or learning from each stage of the Design Thinking process. Use a presentation so that students can show their work, including the prototype or final solution.
  • Option 2 : Share a highlight from each stage as above. Instead of a presentation have a table where everything is displayed. Attendees can be encouraged to ‘visit the tables and ask questions’ after all groups have presented. 
  • Option 3 : For groups that are further along you might want to only talk about the prototype that you have been testing or the final action / solution that you have embedded.
  • Option 4 : As above but some groups may be ready to share the ‘where to next’ – what are the plans for this solution in 2021 and beyond. 

It was amazing to hear of the students’ successes, challenges, and how they think their actions have improved the area identified from the 2019 Student Inquiry teams – i.e. how do they think it is improving outcomes for students in their schools. 

Here is a link to the presentations. Enjoy!