Inside the Career – Episode Eight: Banking (Laura Davie)


I absolutely love the variety, that I can have random things thrown at me [on] any given day and I [can] change the course of what I’m doing depending on the priority. And I love being able to problem solve with other people. So, here’s an idea and [then] going to talk to different people to figure out what they think or what else they can bring to it; which is very collaborative and that’s how I like to work.

Laura Davie is a Senior Product Manager at ANZ, having worked at the bank for the past eight years.  Graduating from Westlake Girls in 2008, she then moved down to Otago where she completed a Bachelor of Commerce at Otago University.

Laura speaks passionately and with great insight about the realities of working in corporate banking, relishing the challenging variety of professional opportunities available to her in this environment. Laura touches upon ANZ’s adoption of agile methodology, which incorporate innovative practices like stand-ups and sprint projects, designed to enhance productivity. Here, she reflects on the importance of collaboration and working as part of a team; a strength that Laura credits Westlake Girls’ for helping her to develop.

Continuing to look back on her time at Westlake, Laura also praises the way her high school education “left space [to explore] those interest subjects”, areas like history and media, passions which she still finds time for and which continue to add meaning in her life today. Maintaining a passion for reading and writing throughout her life, she realised a life goal by self-publishing her debut novel, titled Wildflowers in 2019, and is now half-way through writing a second.

Finally, Laura reflects upon the measures she takes to look after her well-being, humorously declaring herself as a “true pro at work/life balance”. Enlarging on this, she emphasises the value she places on the routine of going for a morning walk and how important it is to maintain clear delineations between work and home.

“Everything will fall in place if you have a good attitude and you focus on things that serve you and make you happy.”


Laura Davie

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