Inside the Career – Episode Three: Medical Technology (William Lin)

“Invest in yourself and understand who you are as a person, and spend time and investigate what the different career pathways might hold for you in the future…don’t be locked into any one pathway…essentially, just believe in yourself and go for it.”

This sage, encouraging advice is given by William Lin towards the end of our interview as he reflects upon the opportunities for growth that present themselves in the university years, particularly.

William attended Westlake Boys’ between 2009 and 2013, before moving on to Auckland University, where he completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Physiology, followed by a Master’s in Bio-Science Enterprise.

He currently works as a Commercial Analyst for The Insides Company, a Medical Technology start-up based in Parnell. Over the course of the interview, William discusses some of the complexities of his role and the inherent challenges for this type of company regarding regulation and unforeseen risk. His energy and enthusiasm are powerfully evident as he speaks about the variety and spontaneous nature of his work. “I’m quite a spontaneous person” he muses at one point and “being in a start-up, everything is constantly changing.”

“You’re constantly learning new things which is really important for someone who is young and new to the workforce. You have to acquire as many skills as you can, while you can, because that will be a big part of your professional and personal development…and that’s a big part of why I really love my job.”       


William flanked by his two favourite teachers, Messrs Smale and Jorgensen


Insides System Refill

The Insides System created by William’s start-up, designed to assist in the treatment and recovery of patients suffering with colorectal cancers.


William modelling how the system works with a dummy patient.

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