Inside the Career – Episode Two: Law (Bhavin Parshottam)


“My interest in law formed really during high school because my favourite subjects were English, History and Economics – and the basis of those subjects is a lot of writing and a lot of reasoning…but in terms of the job itself, it’s great to be in a position where you can really make a difference in someone’s life!”

Bhavin Parshottam joins us for a zoom chat during his lunch break on just his second day as a fully qualified lawyer, having been issued with his practicing certificate the previous day. Bhavin works in Auckland for Barrister Steve Keall as a junior lawyer and the enthusiasm he conveys for his budding career is palpable as he discusses topics ranging from studying law at university to his excitement for what the future may hold.

Bhavin mentions the crucial ‘soft’ skills that he feels were nurtured in his high school years; competencies like strong oral communication and the ability to write concisely and efficiently.

He talks about the challenges that certain students may face in transitioning from high school to university. Bhavin acknowledges that he had a similar a period of adaption, but that by his final years he was flying, throwing himself into and enjoying a rich range of tertiary opportunities.


Bhavin Parshottam


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