Across School Well-being PLG Network Meeting – Forrest Hill and Milford School

On Tuesday, 3rd September, Forrest Hill School hosted our very first well-being network meeting with Milford School. It was a wonderful afternoon of sharing and learning from each other’s personal inquiries and experiences so far. Nirelle (WSL MIlford) and Claire (WSL Forrest Hill) collaborated to plan an afternoon that ensured there was sufficient time for teachers to network together in similar year groups, but also took the opportunity to provide teachers with some practical ‘take-aways’ to start using in the classroom for well-being. 


Teachers got to engage and explore different types of breathing techniques used by students in the classroom as a strategy to calm down. These techniques were fun and engaging, and made for a great ice-breaker to start off the meeting. Claire talked the group through the ‘stop button’ meditation and everyone had the opportunity to make a glitter jar as a take away tool to use with students. All of which were appreciated by the attendees as per their feedback.


The feedback was very positive. Here are some of the comments about the experience:

‘It was great hearing about other classroom routines for well-being.’ 

‘I found it useful to be reminded to focus 

on gratitude, regular Mindfulness sessions and checking in with children’s emotional 

status throughout the day. Great ideas shared.’

‘Enjoyed the conversations around Smiling Mind programme and the different types of breathing techniques to use in the classroom.”

‘Controlling and recognising one’s own emotions as a teacher enables learning to happen in a safe, happy environment. This was a great reminder!’

‘It is so important to model emotions and self-management strategies to the children.’

‘It was so inspirational to listen to all the great things that people are doing and it helps to not feel alone in one’s experiences.’



We are looking forward to our next network meeting in Term 4. Here we will be able to see how personal inquiries have developed as well as celebrate achievements for the year and possible next steps.