Pupuke Kāhui Ako Student Inquiry Team

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How do we engage students more actively in what we do in our schools and give learners the opportunity to shape our future planning as a Kāhui Ako? To answer this challenge we have created a Pupuke Kāhui Ako student inquiry team, with four student ambassadors from each of the nine schools in our Kāhui Ako. 

This forum gives representatives from across all our schools the opportunity to consider key community focuses through a student lens, such as wellbeing, key competencies, community engagement, and student agency and relationships. The inquiry groups are:

Creativity in the Classroom: George Kennedy, Delilah Clements and Sienna Wickens (Takapuna Primary School), Deeja Urlich (Takapuna Normal Intermediate School), Shella Dabbach (Westlake Girls High School)

Competencies: Hunter Haynes (Westlake Boys High School), Sasha Shepherd (Milford Primary School), Alice Oh (Sunnynook Primary School) and Seoyeon Park (Forrest Hill Primary School).

Community Engagement: Gracey Lee (Takapuna Primary School), Manaal Mehamood (WBHS), Seren Brown (Sunnynook Primary School), Kinda Kassibawi (Wairau Intermediate School), Alegria Stenberg (Forrest Hill School).

Cultures and Relationships: Hamish Fraser and Matthew Wells-Bradshaw (Forrest Hill Primary School), Amaya Lichauco (WGHS), Aakash Singh (WBHS), Amanjot Kaur and Gianna Marigondon (Wairau Intermediate School).

Mental Wellbeing: Edward Caisley and Georgia Martin (TNIS), Gus White (Milford Primary School), Oliver Crooks (Sunnybrae Normal School), Caitlin McConchie (WGHS).

Student Voice: Timothy Sun and Hannah Smith (Milford Primary School), Saniel Dones (TNIS), Zac Lawrey (Sunnybrae Normal School), James Reid (WBHS), and Zoe Hopkins (Wairau Intermediate School)

Bullying: Ann Chen and Annabel Barlow (Sunnybrae Normal School), Phoenix Naera (Sunnynook Primary School), Natasha Solon (WGHS)


The Student Inquiry Team initiative promotes and prioritises our student body so that they contribute an authentic voice to the direction and growth of our community.

Inquiry teams have been applying the fundamentals of appreciative inquiry; a systematic process to define, discover, dream, design and deliver positive change. They have worked in cross sector collaborative groups on seven occasions across 2019. This model of inquiry ensures we appreciate the best of what is already happening in our schools and look at ways to initiate growth in order to maximise outcomes for our students. 

The level of engagement and passion shown by students in these sessions has led to a vibrant, energetic and purposeful environment. The depth of critical conversations about what really makes a difference to student learning, coupled with each student’s curious nature, has led students to come up with dream futures that will be presented to Principals in Term 4. 

Michelle Cleaver and Aneta Dezoete

ASLs – Pupuke Kāhui Ako


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