Wellbeing Club – A voluntary lunchtime club for Year 3 and 4 students

I was inspired to start a Wellbeing club in our school after seeing many children over the past few years with increasing worries and stresses, and some who were just interested in learning tools to manage their own wellbeing. 

Some children told me they wanted to learn ways to be calm, so that their anger didn’t overtake them when a brother or sister broke their toys for example. I wanted to give the children in my club some practical tools that could also help them through their life journey, and also share with their friends.

Change is a constant and I believe we can all benefit from having a personal kete of skills and strategies to help ourselves through lives stressful moments. Some of the skills and strategies have included breathing techniques, and practising some basic yoga moves to help us re-connect to our breath and body. We have also practised gratitude and used mindfulness to connect with our surroundings. I have also helped children with their personal goals as I am also a trained life coach and have also worked with teachers recovering from burnout to re-establish healthy work-life balance.

Jessica Vader: Teacher at Milford School

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