Kāhui Ako Leader’s Forum, June 2019

The Kāhui Ako Leaders Forum, Responsibilities in Learning, was held at the Grand Chancellor in Wellington on June 6 and 7, 2019.

The forum provided our leadership team with a platform to engage in some informal networking, while meeting with other Kāhui Ako from across New Zealand in order to share ideas. 

Two of our Across School Leads, Darlene Lee and Anita Knight, were invited to share the actions they have taken around developing the resources for key competencies in response to the Charles Fadel’s presentation at the Leader’s Forum in Auckland in March.

There was also an opportunity to share the type of lateral learning relationships that are forming in our Kāhui Ako.  This session focused on the interest,energy and commitment coming from students, teachers and whānau.  Break-out interest groups further enabled networking, sharing and collaboration.

We were one of the eight groups invited to take a lead role in the, ‘Kāhui Ako Talks’ – aka Ted-Talks, with our team presenting on the topic of;

“2020 and beyond: Who is responsible for sustaining Kāhui Ako?”

Our expert partners from Infinity Learn, Brian, Mary and Jean introduced information about a new contract opportunity for Kāhui Ako and schools about; “Learning Maps, Trends and Support.”  This was an optional-extra session for interested leaders to consider signing up to this 18-month innovation around foundation learning. 

The project links three ideas:

  • Mapping the interactive web surrounding each student’s learning, 
  • Identifying learning trends worth developing to ensure students grow relevant competencies for the future, and
  • Engaging appropriate people within the student’s interactive web (peers, professionals and whānau/community) to intensify learning support for students in challenging circumstances. 

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