Kāhui Ako Leaders’ Forum with Charles Fadel

Our Lead Principal, Julie Saikkonen, six Across School Leads and one Within School Lead attended the two day Leaders’ Forum organised by our expert partners, Infinity Learn and Charles Fadel on March 6 – 7, 2019.

Charles Fadel is a global education thought leader and futurist, author and inventor, with several active affiliations; his work spans the continuum of Schools, Higher Education, and Workforce Development/Lifelong Learning. He is the founder and chairman of the Center for Curriculum Redesign (Boston, Massachusetts), focused on “Making Education More Relevant” and answering the question: “What should students learn for the 21st century?”

The two day leadership forum was thought provoking and gave us insights into what we and our children will need to be successful in that world, what are the necessary knowledge areas and competencies and how can we help humanity reach its potential. In STEM/STEAM – more emphasis is needed on technology and engineering.

For us the most intriguing and interesting bit was to understand how we could inject the Four Dimensional Framework Competencies into education and into the different disciplines.

Competencies (qualities for life and employability) has been synthesised by Center for Curriculum Redesign.



Skills – How do we use what we know

  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Collaboration


Character – How we behave and engage in the world: agency, attitudes, behaviors, dispositions, mindsets, personality, temperament, values, social and emotional skills, non-cognitive skills, and soft skills

  • Mindfulness – Associated Qualities: wisdom, consciousness, self-actualization, self-awareness, self-management, observation, (self-)reflection, meditation, presence, authenticity, interconnectedness, interdependence, oneness, acceptance, beauty, sensibility, patience, tranquility, balance, spirituality, existentiality
  • Curiosity – Associated Qualities: open-mindedness, exploration, passion, self-direction, motivation, initiative, enthusiasm, wonder, appreciation, drive, openness to experience, spontaneity, innovation
  • Courage – Associated Qualities: bravery, determination, fortitude, confidence, risk taking, persistence, toughness, zest, optimism, inspiration, energy, vigor, zeal, cheerfulness, humor
  • Resilience – Associated Qualities: perseverance, grit, tenacity, resourcefulness, self-discipline, effort, diligence, commitment, self-control, self-esteem, confidence, stability, adaptability, dealing with ambiguity, flexibility, feedback, spunk
  • Ethics – Associated Qualities: integrity, authenticity, genuineness, benevolence, humaneness, respect, justice, equity, fairness, kindness, altruism, inclusiveness, tolerance, acceptance, honesty, truthfulness, decency, virtue, trustworthiness, loyalty, love, helpfulness, generosity, charity, devotion, belonging, civic-mindedness, citizenship, equality, consideration, forgiveness,
  • Leadership – Associated Qualities: conflict resolution, responsibility, abnegation, accountability, dependability, reliability, conscientiousness, selflessness, humbleness, modesty, relationship skills, inspiration, community, delegation, mentorship,  heroism, charisma, followership, engagement, leading by example, goal-orientation, results orientation, execution, efficiency, negotiation, consistency, socialization, social intelligence, diversity, decorum, decision making, commitment, focus, self-reflection, organization, precision

Meta-Learning – How we reflect and adapt

  • Metacognition
  • Growth Mindset



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