Pupuke Basketball Coaching

The 15th of September saw 40 students from Pupuke Kāhui Ako Schools participate in a Basketball Coaching Session in the Westlake Boys High School Gymnasium. 16 Student Coaches from Westlake were on hand to help develop basketball skills and discuss transitions into High School with the young students. Boys and Girls of all ages were welcome at the event.


The focus for the day was enhancing student wellbeing through positive transitions. The aim was to give students a brief snapshot of what Westlake looks like, using basketball as a vessel for engagement. The basketball was productive and enjoyable, but students also enjoyed the classroom session also where they discussed what they liked about their schools and what makes them unique. This was led by Westlake students. They cut out a ‘feather’ that represents them, answered questions about themselves and their school and added it to our swan, a symbol of the community we are all an important part of.

The groups also enjoyed a brief tour of the school and were able to experience the Westlake outdoor courts, a popular lunchtime hub of activity for Westlake students. They then enjoyed a lunch in the fine weather. The student groups sat with their coaches in the school lunch area where they engaged in positive discussions.

It was pleasing to see so many schools represented on the day. Takapuna Normal Intermediate School and Wairau Intermediate were in attendance. Milford Primary, Sunnybrae Primary and a few from Forrest Hill Primary. There were also students from Murrays Bay and Campbells Bay.

There will be more sessions in the future for those interested in a positive and active experience of basketball at Westlake Boys High School.

“We really liked coming to the Westlake basketball clinic – it was fun being trained by people who are very good – it was inspiring. I can now do a windmill consistently.” Milan Todd – Milford School

“I got a lot out of coming to the clinic. I learnt a new style of shooting which is a lot more successful. It was a great day.”  Patrick Webber – Milford School.

Karl Jorgensen WSL, Westlake Boys High School

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