GirlBoss at Westlake Girls High School

The GirlBoss Committee is running a series of workshops on “Find your inner Girl Boss”, the first one was on “Building Strength”. The girls found their inspiration in the recent “GirlBoss Lead” and “Future CEO” workshops delivered by Alexia Hilbertidou from GirlBoss NZ.


The workshop aimed at boosting the confidence of the students by helping them acknowledge their strengths. Students paired up with someone they didn’t know to tell them an epic story about something they did that made them feel good about themselves. Their partner then had to identify strengths of character and qualities from the storytelling and write them down on a heart shaped card. Everyone got to keep their heart with their strengths listed to take home and keep reminding them of all the strengths they have.

Feedback from GirlBoss committee


“Whilst talking to all the girls that participated in this event, I was able to build more confidence within me as well. This was also seen within the students who attended as they were surprised by some of the traits and strength they had. Furthermore, this workshop also worked on improving networking skills as it was encouraged to speak to other students whom they didn’t know, which was a great way to also form new friendships. Additionally, this was not only beneficial for the students who attended the workshop, but also the committee members as it helped build public speaking, communication, and leadership skills. In the end, the students had left the workshop with a positive and confident mindset about themselves. Please join our next workshop.” – Priyanka Chandra and Noor Alhamadani

Feedback from participantsgirlboss pic 2

What did you take away from the workshop?

“That others can recognise talents and strengths within us that we didn’t even know we had. That we have more strengths than we think. How to discover the talents and strengths we have that aren’t always obvious.”

“That I’m brave and capable and not to doubt myself so much”

“I need to give myself credit when it’s due, and be proud of my achievements.”

“Learning that I have qualities (being passionate and creative) other than the ones I originally thought I had.”



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